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NCE Debt Collection Service Process

1.     In the interest of maintaining the highest level of ethical and professional standards National Collections Enterprise will perform all collection activities in accordance with the FDCPA, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and FCRA, Fair Credit Reporting Act.

2.     Upon receiving Client/ Creditor data, NCE shall import the data within 48 hours; depending on account volume.

3.    The NCE Debt Collection Service Process consists of a series of three demand letters that will be sent on behalf of Client/Creditor to selected debtors, followed by a telephone contact.  The initial demand goes out within 24 hours following the completion of the upload.

4.     Each letter will include a demand for payment in full in addition to a notice and warning to each debtor that failure to pay the debt can result in the debt being reported to one, or all major credit bureaus: Experian, Trans Union, Equifax.

5.    Courtesy Call/Final Warning: A follow up telephone call will be made to each debtor advising them that failure to pay will result in the debt being reported to the Credit Bureaus.

6.     Reporting to Credit Bureaus: NCE will report the delinquent status of each unpaid obligation to one or more of the major credit bureaus. To maintain compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we must show that we have made a demonstrable effort to allow the debtor to resolve the debt for a period of 60 days before reporting any claim to the credit bureaus. Furthermore, as a consequence of inadequate information not all debts will be reported to credit bureaus. NCE does not guarantee or warrant that each and every debt will be reported to credit bureaus.

7.     Disputed or contested claims will be placed on a hold status while awaiting Clients/Creditors respective reply and handling of requested information. Where it is determined that the debtor has a plausible and bona fide dispute all collection activity will be suspended and debt will not be reported to credit bureaus until such time that the dispute has been resolved and the debt remains unpaid.

8.     NCE encourages debtors to make payments directly to our office so that we may be constantly aware of the debtor's payment habits and schedule. Payments made to Client/ Creditor will be immediately reported to NCE. Upon notification NCE will cease making any further demands.

Fee Schedule

Consumer Collections Contingency Fee Schedule (Individual):

·        Flat Rate --- 35%

Commercial Contingency Fee Schedule (Business to Business):

·        $200.00 - $1,000.00 --- 35%

·        $1000.01 - $6,000.00 --- 28%

·        Greater than $6000.01 --- 18%


Set Up

Together we will create a program that meets your needs and goals.

1.     Account Setup: We can, over the phone, set up an account so that you may send in your accounts immediately.

2.     Customized Program: The Account Manager will assist you in establishing a recovery program customized for your needs.

3.     Communication: We can and will accept placements in any format. We will structure and initial network so your information and service is consistent and works with your current protocol.